2019 Goals in Review + 2020 Goals

Oh snap! It’s 2020 and about a year since I wrote out my 2019 goals. Let’s see how I did.

2019 Post-Mortem


  1. Max 401k ($19k) ✅
  2. Max IRA ($6k) ✅
  3. Max HSA ($3,500) ✅
  4. Pay off Student Loans ($16,231.52 remaining as of 1/1/19) ✅


  1. Take a sabbatical to redefine my purpose ?
  2. Get a dog ❌
  3. Develop a regular fitness routine ❌
  4. Give regularly to something I care about ❌

2019 Commentary:

Ok, so clearly the financial goals were a lot easier to hit as these were all automated. While I didn’t end up taking a sabbatical as planned due to a bizzaro medical mystery (mostly harmless) that forced me to burn through my deductible and out-of-pocket max, I did end up attending a CampFI event and Jillian’s Adventures to FI (#A2FI) event in Montana, which was effectively a mini-sabbatical (thus the participation ribbon I gave myself ?). With my sabbatical plans in limbo, I decided to delay getting a dog, but good news is that many furry friends have made their way into my life, so I’m subsisting for now. I would also like to claim that the bizarro medical issue prohibited me from getting into a regular exercise routine, but I would be lying. I need to develop a better system/schedule and that’s part of my plan for 2020. It’s a similar situation with the last goal; I didn’t put enough attention into defining what I wanted to do, which is something I plan to work on this year as well.

So now, what’s in store for 2020?

2020 Goals


  1. Max 401k ($19.5k)
  2. Max IRA ($6k)
  3. Max HSA ($3,550)
  4. Buy 3 Investment Properties
  5. Elect a charity as my financial beneficiary

Health and Fulfillment:

  1. Develop a regular fitness routine by:
    1. lifting weights at least 1x/week and cardio at least 1x/week
    2. playing Ultimate for at least 3 seasons
    3. practice yoga at least 1x/week
  2. Continue going to therapy at least 1x/month
  3. Identify a charity or cause to give my time to at least 1x/month
  4. Record a voice-over demo and take at one job
  5. Take voice/singing lessons and/or join a choir
  6. Help my parents identify/pursue/achieve one goal this year
  7. Minimize waste: electric, water, plastic/packaging
  8. Purgefest: declutter and sell/donate stuff
  9. Write a blog post at least 1x/month focusing on tips/tricks I’ve learned that might help others
  10. Budget so that Alcohol/Bars + Restaurants is less than 2x Groceries
  11. Help my roommate garden in the spring/summer

2020 Commentary

Yeah, so I have a lot more goals for 2020, but they’re all achievable, mostly measurable, and a good mix between helping myself and others. I’ve been lucky to meet a whole lot of super cool people in the PF/FIRE space in the last six months that have inspired me in one way or another to chase these goals.

Be well.