2019 Goals

Let’s keep this brief.


  1. Max 401k ($19k)
  2. Max IRA ($6k)
  3. Max HSA ($3,500)
  4. Pay off Student Loans ($16,231.52 remaining as of 1/1/19)


  1. Take a sabbatical to redefine my purpose
  2. Get a dog
  3. Develop a regular fitness routine
  4. Give regularly to something I care about


Financial goals are looking real good with the exception of the HSA as I plan to take a sabbatical during the year and not sure what the medical insurance situation will be (and therefore HSA eligibility). For now, 401k is being front-loaded on autopilot (will be fully funded by April) and I already made my 2019 IRA contribution in full. Although precluded from contributing to a Traditional IRA for 2018, I went with a Traditional for 2019 on the basis that I expect my income to be lower (if I’m wrong, I can always recharacterize). I would just rather take the discount today than in the future, ya know? Student loans should be gone or close thereto by May. Even if I still have a balance, my loan is variable and resets quarterly, so after paying against principal in Q1, the required payment should be unnoticeable.

Other goals are still a work in progress, but I’m striving to make some more concrete definitions by the end of the month. Just wanted to put them down in writing.