Mr. PTM Net Worth

Mr. PTM’s July 2016 Net Worth

So first, to address the sad elephant in the room:

The blog has been pretty silent lately and it’s not like our track record was that great to begin with, but ya’ know, life happens and stuff gets pushed to the side.

But I’m back!

I was recently gushing (yes, gushing) to a friend about my high-yield emergency fund strategy (post upcoming) and he said I should write a blog. Ah, that was nice to hear and honestly, I find myself wanting to write more lately. I know almost no one reads this and I’m ok with that – this is a creative outlet. If this blog serves as nothing more than something to have a few laughs over as Ms. PTM and I remember this time in our lives, that’s fine!

But let’s get on with it

July was a wild month that included such highlights as: spending time with Ms. PTM’s family for the 4th, starting the Whole30 diet (deserving of its own post), and selling my car! But first, let’s share some numbers.


Cash – $19,813

First, a little real talk. This is artificially inflated. I did something most financially responsible people would balk at – I used a convenience check from Chase to borrow $13k. Why? Well, you’ll have to read my follow up post to find out. Also important to note here is that this reflects a change in strategy for both Ms. PTM and I: a shift from throw-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink at debt payoff to squirrel-away-every-free-penny to savings. In short, we’re trying to build our emergency funds. More to come on the what, why, and how.

Also one of my accounts doesn’t show up in Mint (I can’t blame them, the bank’s online banking website is terrible, like 1990s GeoCities terrible), so I’m not including about another $3k here.

Credit Cards – $19,373

This is the other side of the inflated cash coin, but also includes about $1,900 of Ms. PTM’s work travel expenses and almost $3k that I paid towards my student loans in order to hit a $400 signup bonus (thanks, Wells Fargo!).

Loans – $99,319

Finally under $100k!!! I hit this milestone in June and it still makes me happy to no longer have six figure student loan debt. Obviously the real dollar difference is small, but it feels like such a symbolic victory.

Investments – $116,695

Brexit. Oil. US election. I have no idea what’s going on here, but it doesn’t matter. I’m in it for the long-term and still on track to max out my 401k, IRA, and HSA for the year, so high fives all around.

Property – $0

Property $0? Yup, I sold my car for $2,200 and it felt great, although I was overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia as I watched the new owner drive away. BUT, instead of a depreciating asset, I know have a compound-interest-earning-engine-of-growth. (See what I did there with the car metaphor? 😉 )

Net Worth – $17,816

After 5 years, I went net worth positive as of my March 15th paycheck this year and market-willing, it’s going to stay that way.

Pennsatucky - Praise The Market


Well that’s it for me. How was your July? Any new milestones, financial or otherwise?